Presenting at the AAHPERD National Health Conference

The 125th American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) National Convention and Exposition in Indianapolis, Indiana was attended by over 5,400 health professionals and students from educational institutions, sports organizations, private industry, and government agencies. I attended as a college professor and AAHPERD member as well as a member of the American […]

Promoting a Smoke Free College

Joining a growing national trend of smoke free colleges and universities, the campuses of Broward College are now smoke free.

Broward College: Smoke Free

As a member of the Health and Safety Committee it was a pleasure to see this policy enacted, with limited accommodation for those that continue to smoke. With the smoke free […]

Why Our Health Matters

This week, health care reform took center stage in the news. While government leaders and political pundits debate the merits of the current legislation, we need to keep in mind that we need to take steps to promote and maintain our own health.

Andrew Weil

In his book, Why Our Health Matters, Andrew Weil, […]

Art Museum – Stress Management

Last week I gave my students a stress management assignment; participate in a wellness activity that would take them out of their usual routine and experience something different.

Norman Rockwell

Since I always try to do the assignments I give my students, this weekend I walked to the Fort Lauderdale Art Museum to see the […]

Wellness Education

One of the ways I stay up to date on health news is to listen to podcasts while I exercise.

According to a recent “Your Health” podcast from National Public Radio (NPR), students at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania are upset about a school rule requiring overweight students to take an exercise course in order to […]

FDA Examines “Smart Choices”

Smart Choice Logo

You may have seen the green check marked “Smart Choices” front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition label. This label on the front of sugary breakfast cereal and other processed food may lead consumers to think that the food is a healthier choice over another brand or product.

According to the Food and Drug […]

Flexibility and Technology

Static stretching after a warmup.

I provided my students with an extra credit assignment on flexibility. The assignment allowed them to demonstrate their knowledge of flexibility and their ability to use technology by recording and uploading their assignments to YouTube.

“Create a short movie on flexibility and low-back health exercises. Demonstrate […]

Pedometer Research Interview

After the Literary Feast sponsored by the Florida Atlantic University / Broward College library, participants were invited to an interview session. The interviews were hosted by the Broward College Broadcaster’s Club.

Interview length = 05:06