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I always invite my students to share what they learned in my course as well as how this knowledge changed their outlook on health and wellness. teachingSome comments are listed below.

If you are considering attending one of my classes, I hope you will allow me to accompany you on your Wellness journey.


When I started class, I had no energy, was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes and hypertension.  During this class, I lost weight and continue to do so (I’m even training to run a marathon!).  I learned to read labels and avoid trans fats.  I became more energetic and less stressed out. When I started this class, my blood pressure was 145/90; now it’s 117/70.  Thank you so very much, Professor – your students are so lucky to have you! – OB – Nursing


Professor Allen gives the best advice based on the latest research.  After taking Professor Allen’s Health class I am very well informed about health. I quit smoking, I started eating healthy, and also started going to the gym. -MP – Business Administration


Beginning this semester this course to me was only a requirement. I was very surprised at the amount of good information the course and the professor had to offer. Now I am actually glad that I had to take the class because it put my health on the right path. I now eat a more balanced diet and exercise more regularly. I also set goals that have begun to change my family’s lifestyle. – RD – Criminal Justice


Most classes you take throughout college teach you things that you may or may not use in your future career. However, this course taught me the importance of nutrition and what you put in your body. It also taught me that even if you don’t exercise everyday keeping yourself active is not only good for your body but for your mind. Since I started this course it has motivated me to do what I can to take care of myself not only physically, and emotionally but spiritually as well. – SG – Liberal Arts


Before this class my family was sedentary, non active. This course saved my family’s life. Now we are very active and enjoying our lives on a higher level of wellness. We are walking, doing aerobics, and strength training. Our eating habits have changed. I have a goal to lose ten percent of my body weight by my next birthday.  I used to have a lot of headaches, but now I cannot tell you when the last time I had a headache. My husband is walking FAITHFULLY every day.  This class has saved my family’s life. We were headed for a premature death. – MA – Elementary Education


I have learned an abundance of information during this course.  The big event was that I quit smoking, which was easier than I expected, guess it was the right time. Thank you for the support.  – BD – Liberal Arts


healthy black manThis course was a real eye opener. I knew that I was overweight, but I didn’t realize that I was obese. I really needed to set a plan and put it into action for myself and my daughter. I plan on living a long and healthy life.  What I have learned in this class I will keep with me forever. – TG – Nursing


I learned from this course that while I’m young now, I will not remain that way always. It’s easy to take for granted that hey I’m actually going to look like my parents some day. This class helped remind me to think long term and to start getting ready for healthy aging. – YS – Art / Graphical Design


This course changed my life, and changed it for the better. Although I am a registered nurse and I learned a lot about health during my nursing program, I always lacked enough motivation to apply that information to myself. I lacked time to exercise. I was too lazy. During this course, with the help of my instructor’s professional advices and supervision, I was able to take a first step, to do something with my life, and to do it now. I walk twice a week, but this is just a beginning. I am currently planning some weekend activities for my family, and I am sure my boys will love it. Thank you, Professor Allen! Keep up the good work! – AP – Nursing


I learned so many new important facts that have changed my perspective of my health and the health of my love ones. I use some of the information in my daily life. I changed the way I eat, the way I live and the exercise I truly need. I used the breathing techniques that I learned and it improved my stress levels. This class showed me new ways to become less stressed and less irritable, I also learned that it is good for me to love myself and learned how to improve myself in the future. ER – Nursing


Before this class I though exercise was only for people who wanted a better body to be a model, or built up. But apparently after this class I realized that is much more than that; and your life could be in danger if you don’t treat it right. It’s something that depends on us, and are easy steps that we should do just to have not only a longer life but a healthy one. I also got to know my body better, by identifying what my portions of the body where, for example my body mass index, and my body fat, and how is my strength by using the push up test, and also my cardiovascular resistance. I think this class was excellent; it taught me a lot that will make a difference in my lifestyle. One of my favorite was the stress reducing techniques like yoga, laying down in the grass, listening to classic music, etc. these techniques are going to make a difference as well because if you reduce your stress that will also give you a longer life. Thank you for the class Professor Allen. JV – Psychology


A final comment:

I really enjoyed this class. Even though it was a requirement, we left the classroom with much more than 2 credit hours. We learned a lot of things that we use in our everyday lives (not like derivatives in calculus).  Thank you.  LB – Business Administration

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