Family Health History

At Thanksgiving and other holidays, we should take the opportunity to talk with our families about health issues faced by our relatives – both living and dead.

Family Health Portrait

Although we may be predisposed to the same medical conditions as our relatives – high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. – that […]

My 7,500 Mile Walk

Over the past four years, I walked 15 million steps – the equivalent of walking 7,500 miles around the perimeter of the United States. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering I did it while teaching college courses, working at a library, completing a second master’s degree, volunteering and still managing to have time for myself.

Flexibility and Technology

Static stretching after a warmup.

I provided my students with an extra credit assignment on flexibility. The assignment allowed them to demonstrate their knowledge of flexibility and their ability to use technology by recording and uploading their assignments to YouTube.

“Create a short movie on flexibility and low-back health exercises. Demonstrate […]

Casual Text

“honestly proffesor you should just give me the A and not worry about it… cause im wasting time…”

The above statement was e-mailed to me (as written) by a student who was attempting to justify why he needed an extension for a missed assignment.

In today’s wired society, where we see so many people texting […]