Service-Learning as Wellness

At Broward College (BC), students are encouraged to participate in Service-Learning. This is a program where students may perform community volunteer hours and receive credit for their efforts on their co-curricular transcript. The underlying goal is to combine service to the community with classroom learning.

Last weekend, BC student volunteers assisted the “Tour de Broward” […]

The Inn at Weathersfield

The Inn at Weathersfield

During a vacation to Vermont, we had the pleasure of staying at the Inn at Weathersfield in Perkinsville, Vermont. David and Jane Sandelman were our hosts at the beautifully restored inn with its 1700’s charm and modern conveniences such as radiant heat, Jacuzzi tubs, gas fireplaces, and WiFi access. […]

“Carbon Neutral” and “Carbon Footprint”

With the G8 summit increasing awareness of environmental wellness, it is important to define two of the major terms in use, “carbon neutral” and “carbon footprint.”

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (UK), draft definition of “carbon neutral” means that, “through a transparent process of measuring emissions, reducing those emissions and offsetting any unavoidable […]

Turtle Walk

Had the opportunity tonight to see a loggerhead turtle up close and personal during a “turtle walk” at John U. Lloyd Beach State Park, Florida. From May through June, sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. As part of the “Sea Turtle Awareness Program”, park rangers direct a presentation on sea turtles while scouts […]