Fit Fitness into Your Plans

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

One of the best aspects of teaching is the students.  Each semester when I start with a new group, I am inspired to renew my own fitness program.  I have 5 classes this semester; 125 students.  For me, that also translates into a weekend of grading papers – analysis of personal Wellness programs.  While a few fitness programs are remarkable, many students regretfully describe their Wellness program as “non-existent” – but with a desire to change.  Together, as a community, we can discover that information.

To take a break from grading papers, on Saturday night I engaged in Physical/Intellectual/Social Wellness by attending a performance of “Julius Caesar” at the Shakespeare Theater Company.  Since this was their annual “Free for All” – where they give away free tickets to the evening’s performance – I walked to the theater and listened to the “Get-Fit-Guy” podcasts while I stood in line for the free tickets.  I then walked back home, had a quick dinner, and rented a Capital BikeShare bicycle to get to and from the performance.  See, there’s always a way to fit fitness (yes, I like the alliteration there – “fit fitness”) into your daily routine.

The Capital BikeShare program in Washington, DC currently has about 1,100 bikes in the system.  You may purchase a daily, monthly, or annual membership; allowing you to borrow a bicycle and return it to one of the 110 bicycle kiosks throughout the city.  The major benefit is the availability of a bicycle and you don’t have to store or maintain it.  And, as they say, “there’s an app for that.”

Capitol Bikeshare: Across from the Mexican Embassy
Capitol BikeShare at the Mexican Embassy, DC

On Sunday morning I went on a great run through the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  I define “great” as, 1) the fact that I actually went outside and ran (instead of running on the treadmill), and, 2) humidity below 50 per cent.  Not only did I enjoy the row houses and other architecture, I admired the proximity of the three branches of Government.  My run took me past the U.S. Capitol (Legislative), the U.S. Supreme Court (Judicial), and down to the Navy Yard (Executive).  Of course, being an academic I always enjoy the Library of Congress; a magnificent building in so many ways.

After the run, I took a few minutes to stretch.  My typical warm up is a 5 minute walk before I start running; a 5 minute cool down walk at the end followed by a few hamstring stretches.  For those that may forget the importance of stretching and flexibility exercises, check out the stretching videos from Duke University.

As you make your weekend plans, remember to “fit fitness” into your adventures.

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