Jogging Weather

31 Degrees in Fort Lauderdale

Today’s run at Fort Lauderdale beach was the first of the New Year.  Although there was an 18 mph wind from the south, with gusts to 28 mph, the temperature was 73 °.  Last weekend, the temperature was 31°, so I opted to postpone the inaugural run of the new year until today.

My coldest run was in Fairbanks, Alaska when I was an Air Force captain.  That run was 20 ° below zero in December.  As we used to say, it was too cold to snow.  Ice crystals just seemed to fall from the sky all day.  The hottest weather I ever ran in was at a military Red Flag exercise at Las Vegas; the temperature was 114°.  In each case, the weather was so dry, the humidity did not prevent the run.

Although the recent cold snap in Florida does not compare with the winter weather experienced in most of the country, no matter where you are, it is important to dress according to the local conditions and remain well hydrated.

Preferred Running Temperature.

As you jog, air flow around the body removes the sweat from the surface of the body through evaporation, engaging the body’s natural cooling mechanism.  For my own exercise programs I prefer synthetic clothing that wicks the moisture away from the body; aiding the cooling effect.

A secondary choice is for exercise wear is light cotton.  Avoid wearing clothing that will trap moisture and heat next to the body.  Some manufacturers of synthetic moisture wicking materials claim that the use of their product has a greater cooling effect than not wearing a shirt during a run.  Keep in mind that wearing a shirt does provides some protection from the sun.

Whenever and wherever you chose to exercise, the bottom line is to use common sense.  Start your program slowly and dress appropriately for the weather.

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