Make the Census Count

When we look at Wellness, we need to consider what enhances a healthy life. Facilities such as schools, hospitals, roads, parks, governmental representation and funding are all components of Wellness.

This year the Bureau of the Census will conduct the 23rd decennial census, mandated by the U.S. Constitution. The census will count every person living […]

Jogging Weather

31 Degrees in Fort Lauderdale

Today’s run at Fort Lauderdale beach was the first of the New Year. Although there was an 18 mph wind from the south, with gusts to 28 mph, the temperature was 73 °. Last weekend, the temperature was 31°, so I opted to postpone the inaugural run of the […]

Setting Healthy Goals

Once again we are at the start of a new year; a time when many of us make New Year’s resolutions and “start anew” in our lives. As we make these resolutions, or goals to better our lives in the upcoming year, we need to ensure that we will be successful. CDC Employees Exercising […]